Sarah Shahi has made it a mission to make the set of her USA series "Fairly Legal" a greener place. "I started a recycling thing — they didn't have it before. We recycle all of our scripts and pages now," she says, noting the absence of plastic water bottles. "Everyone has to bring their own canister to work. We're trying in little ways that we can." At home, "I try to conserve with energy efficient lights and not use so much water," she adds.

The second season of "Fairly Legal" finds Shahi's Kate Reed, a mediator in San Francisco, juggling cases and romantic entanglements old and new, the former with her ex-husband Justin (Michael Trucco) and the latter with a hotshot materialistic lawyer named Ben Grogan (Ryan Johnson), with whom she butts heads from the start. "The goal for this season is they want to rip Kate's foundation from underneath her. They just want to shatter everything and force her hand into maturing a bit, which she fights tooth and nail. She tries but she fails," says Shahi. "We're building up to a triangle between Kate, Ben and Justin and Kate will have a decision that she needs to make."

Before going back to work on set in Vancouver, Shahi made several films, including "The Trouble With Bliss," starring Michael C. Hall, due out March 23, and December's "Bullet to the Head," in which she's the female lead opposite Sylvester Stallone. "I'm a tough girl, covered head to head in tattoos" in it, she says. "My call time was 4:00 in the morning every day. Brutal. But it was a lot of fun."

Sarah Shahi: 'Fairly' green
'Fairly Legal' star Sarah Shahi makes set more eco-friendly.