When it comes to green living, Sean Hayes recycles at home but can't quite bring himself to buy a hybrid car yet. "I want them to start making them a little more attractive. It's about the look," says Hayes, who reports that the Portland, Ore., set of "Grimm," the supernatural crime drama his Hazy Mills production company produces for NBC, is "very conscious of staying green. Portland is a green city. It's a nice kind of nudge from the community in Portland," he says.


While he's best known for comedy, most memorably "Will and Grace," Hayes is a self-described "sci-fi geek, genre nerd" that grew up on "Dr. Who" and "Star Wars" who asserts that "Grimm" would be his favorite network drama even if he had nothing to do with the show, which has been renewed for a second season. Unlike acting, where "if you fail, you fail publicly, and you have the pressure of being in front of the camera and having so much weigh on you personally and immediately," producing offers the opportunity to "exercise a different pat of your brain." But he's nevertheless thrilled to be playing Larry in "The Three Stooges," a dream come true for a kid that grew up watching the trio on TV.


"The reviews are the best of my life. It was great, so much fun. The Farrelly Brothers were a blast and I would work with them again in a second. I laughed more making that movie than any other thing I've ever done," raves Hayes, who guest starred on "Hot in Cleveland," which Hazy Mills produces, this season and may return. He also may make an appearance in company's next show for TV Land, "The Soul Man," a sitcom starring Cedric the Entertainer as a musician-turned-preacher that premieres in June. His fantasy wish list includes playing a young Frank Sinatra, who he's been told he resembles, and work with JJ Abrams "or anybody who's really talented." But right now he's thinking about squeezing in a summer break. "I'm going to have to force myself to schedule a vacation because I've been going nonstop."


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Sean Hayes: Producing, recycling and playing a Stooge
Busy on and off camera, Sean Hayes is eco-conscious on and off the sets of his many productions ('Grimm', 'Three Stooges').