Odd things can happen in the course of sexual intercourse, and that’s the premise of the new series “Sex Sent Me to the ER,” premiering Dec. 28 on TLC with encores on Discovery Fit & Health beginning on Jan. 3. From GRB Entertainment, the production company behind “Untold Stories of the ER,” the four-part series presents unusual, surprising situations that can take couples from the bedroom to the emergency room.

“We wanted to share more real stories told by real people. The ‘Untold’ audience appreciates all types of stories, so we think that they would be receptive to a series that is about sex but is about relationships, love, drama and everyday life,” says TLC Manager of Production NaToya Goldman, who works with a research team that “casts a wide net to find the stories. We did ask doctors to submit stories but most of the stories we feature in the series were self-submissions of people who wanted to share.”

The tales range from comically embarrassing to potentially life-threatening, but all have a common denominator: “We were mostly going for honesty,” says Goldman. “We’d like the audience to feel like they just heard a story from their best friends about a real life scenario. Of course, we want them to be entertained as well.” Letting the stories play out as they did when they happened “made for a natural mix of emotions in the series.” Patients don’t play themselves in the dramatizations, but many of the real ER doctors do. “We feel this adds to the accuracy of the medical situations in the stories,” Goldman adds.

Since this is not pay cable, some creative restraint is necessary in depicting what happened. “We are showing enough to portray or evoke what happened in each story. The couples also describe the scenarios so that gives the audience the full story,” says Goldman, noting that future episodes include a woman who can’t stop having an orgasm, a couple who has sex in a tree and a couple whose Valentine’s Day goes wrong when they have to make a trip to the ER.

“There is no shortage of OMG or LOL,” she sums up, noting that there are plenty more tales to tell if there are additional episodes. “People have been willing to share many stories with us and we hope that the series will spark more dialogue.”

'Sex Sent Me to the ER': Couples go from the bedroom to the emergency room in new series
New 4-part series spotlights the potential hazards of getting horizontal.