Freelance photographer Lana Mesic from the Netherlands couldn't decide what to do with 15,000 coins she had used in an art installation to try to explain the idea of value and finance.

She posed the question to her Airbnb host, Jamahl McMurran, in London and the pair came up with an interesting solution. They piled the coins on a path next to a canal and watched from the balcony above as people found them.

They recorded the encounters and live-tweeted what they saw.

A bunch of kids squatted in the coins and played.

Some people just picked up a coin or two.

This guy threw handfuls of coins and made it rain.

But then a guy shows up, sees what's going on and decides to go get a friend.

And they ruin all the fun.

What would you have done?

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Someone left 15,000 coins on a London path then filmed people finding them
Photographer Lana Mesic had 15,000 coins left over from an art installation, so she and Airbnb host Jamahl McMurran put them in a pile on a London path.