Welcome to the real world: The Meatrix — a trilogy of Matrix-spoof animated short films exploring agriculture corporations and the ugly truths behind our fast food nation. Vegetarians and Keanu Reeves fans have never had so much in common. Take a peek — free your mind.

In the trilogy, you'll join Leo the pig (Neo) and spunky Chickity the chicken (Trinity) as they're introduced to the Meatrix by all-knowing Moophius the bull (Morpheus), whose trench coat and dark shades are really too awesome for words. Leo and Chickity thought they lived in a world of rosy-cheeked milkmaids, vast green pastures, and healthy animals — but then they took Moophius' blue pills. It turns out they live in a world of RBGH growth hormones, antibiotic-fed cows, de-beaked chickens, mistreated Agri-corp workers, grey factories, and cooped-up animals that never see sunlight, touch the ground or breathe clean air. Things aren't as pretty as Leo and Chickity had thought.

But there is hope. Remember: Small family farms are trying to free us from Agri-Corp, but they can only show us the door. We're the ones who have to walk through it.

This article originally appeared in Plenty in February 2008. The story was added to MNN.com.

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