Decorating your home with Thanksgiving crafts is a great way to make your holiday more festive (and keep the kids out of the kitchen!). Here’s a list of easy-to-create Thanksgiving crafts.

Paper Cup Turkey

What you’ll need: paper or foam cup, acrylic paint in fall colors (brown, gold, orange, red, etc.), large pom-poms (also in a fall color), small foam heart, small foam triangle (orange or yellow), small googly eyes, orange construction paper, white construction paper, craft glue and scissors.

How to make: Turn the cup upside down and paint in the color of a turkey (brown, dark orange, or gray if you’d prefer a more distinguished turkey). With the white construction paper, cut it out in the shape of a hand and then paint it with your fall colors, criss-crssing the colors. Apply some glue to the bottom of the hand and hold to the cup until the glue grabs hold. Take the foam heart and turn upside down. Gently glue the triangle pointing down to the heart. You’ve created the beak and gobbler. Glue the pom-pom to the top of the cup, glue the googly eyes and the beak and gobbler to the pom-pom. Cut out small feet from the orange construction paper and glue to the bottom of the cup.

Thanksgiving Votive Candle Holder

What you’ll need: baby food jars, Thanksgiving or autumn stickers, white glue, glitter, raffia or ribbon, votive candles.

How to make: Apply the stickers firmly to the washed and de-labeled baby food jar. With the paintbrush, cover the jar in glue. Apply light coating of glitter. Tie ribbon or raffia around the jar thread. Place candle inside. You can use these as place settings for guests that they can then take home with them as Thanksgiving gifts!

Corn Napkin Holders 

What you’ll need: cardboard tube, red, yellow, and orange acrylic paints, newspaper, pencil with a brand new eraser.

How to make: Cut the tube into 2 ½ inch sections, with one section for each napkin you’ll be using. While you’re doing this, pour a small amount of paint into a bowl and have the child practice making corn kernels by dipping the eraser into the paint and stamp onto the newspaper. Once you’re done cutting the holders and the child feels comfortable with the stamping process, have the child cover the top half of the holder with the method just practiced. Allow to dry while doing the same process with the other holders. Once dry, stamp the bottom half of the holders.

Turkey Breadbasket

What you’ll need: medium to large size wooden spoon, depending on the size of your breadbasket (new or one you don’t plan to use again), tacky glue and glue stick, pair of googly eyes, construction paper in a variety of fall colors, thin wooden skewers, florists' foam or Styrofoam block.

How to make: If your wooden spoon is a little older, or well-used up, we recommend painting it a turkey-friendly color. Glue the googly eyes to the back of the spoon, near the top. Cut out a beak from a piece of yellow or orange construction paper and a gobbler from red construction paper. Glue both of these below the googly eyes. With the construction paper, cut out two identical sized feather shaped pieces (best achieved by folding the paper over and cutting the paper this way). Place the wooden skewer on top of one of the feathers and then glue the matching feather on top of it, leaving the blunt end of the skewer sticking out about 2 to 3 inches. Place the foam at the back side of the bread basket (trim to fit) and stick your feathers into it. Place another piece of form at the front to drive the wooden spoon into. Place a dinner napkin in the basket and fill with bread.

Pilgrim Place Card Holders

What you’ll need: Permanent color markers, straight wooden clothespin, black pipe cleaner, 1 liter plastic bottle with cap, construction paper, a paper plate, glue, paper plate.

How to make: At the top of the clothespin, draw a face using the permanent markers. Color the rest of the clothes pin black. Tie the pipe cleaner just below the “face” to make the arms. With a craft knife, cut the top off a plastic 1-liter bottle, 3 1/4 inches down from the cap and discard the bottom. Remove the bottle cap and color it and the bottle top black. For the pilgrim man, wrap a pipe cleaner around his feet and stand him up in the bottle cap. Cut out and glue on a paper hat and vest. To finish the woman, wrap a pipe cleaner around her waist and fit her into the bottle top. Glue on a paper apron and bonnet. Cut name tags from a paper plate rim and attach them to the pilgrims' arms.

Do you have other Thanksgiving crafts ideas? Share them in the comments below.

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Thanksgiving crafts
Decorating your home with Thanksgiving crafts is a great way to make your holiday more festive (and keep the kids out of the kitchen!). Here’s a list of easy