Ecollywood logoJennifer Love Hewitt, Cybill Shepherd and the cast of Lifetime's new Sunday night series, "The Client List," celebrated the show's premiere at a lavish party where they shared inside scoop and eco-friendly tips, like turning off the water when you're brushing your teeth (Hewitt) and eliminating plastic (Shepherd). "Take your own bags and a refillable bottle," suggested Shepherd, who plays Mom to Hewitt in the series, reprising her role from the TV movie of the same name that scored big ratings on Lifetime in 2010. Hewitt plays Riley, cash-strapped after her husband leaves her with their two small kids, who takes a job at a massage spa that offers select clients a little something extra. She also gives the men relationship advice, akin to the way she counseled troubled spirits on "Ghost Whisperer."

Shepherd wasn't looking for another regular series role, but couldn't pass up the chance to work with Hewitt again and play Linette, a five-times-married steel magnolia beautician. "I love her strength. She's an iron butterfly from Texas and I can relate to that," says Shepherd, a Memphis native, who loves playing the mother-daughter dynamic. "There are a lot of dramatic moments and humor, too."

Colin Egglesfield ("Melrose Place") plays Hewitt's brother-in-law Evan, who has had a life-long crush on Riley. He liked the concept, the chance to work with Hewitt, and the character. "Now that his older brother is out of the picture, he's coming into his own as a man and assert himself in a way he hasn't before. He's starting to do more things that he always wanted to do and wasn't necessarily comfortable doing," said the actor, who'll be seen in the independent films "Open Road," a drama with Andy Garcia and Juliette Lewis, and "A Stranger in Paradise," an action-thriller with Stuart Townsend and Catalina Sandino Moreno. He'll also reprise his role as Rizzoli's (Angie Harmon) brother Tommy in the second episode of the third season of "Rizzoli & Isles," returning to TNT June 5. Eco-conscious Egglesfield is careful to recycle, including his electronic waste like batteries and defunct gadgets. "UCLA has electronic waste recycling on Saturdays and I put them in a box and bring it over there," he said.

Even though the benefit is the same, "I bring my own bags to the store not because I'm eco — I don't want to pay the ten cents!" admitted Loretta Devine ("Grey's Anatomy"), acknowledging that she doesn't do as much as she should when it comes to being green. She's enjoying her role as spa manager Georgia, including the wardrobe and camaraderie that comes with it. "I have beautiful clothes, great makeup and hair. The storylines are exciting and we have so much fun in the makeup trailer and on set. There are always running jokes."

Kathleen York — who totes her own reusable bags and a water bottle, is careful about turning lights and water off, and recycles — loves being part of a female-centric ensemble. "Everyone is fantastic, no divas, and it's not a gossip nest either," she raved, equally excited about her character, Jolene. "She's very down to earth, she says it like it is. She's old school and there's a comedic element to her that I like. She's sort of the mother hen," described York, who sees elements of herself in her. "I give all my friends advice, what they should and shouldn't do." Also a singer (she was nominated for an Oscar for her song "In the Deep" from "Crash"), she backs up Hewitt on "Before He Cheats" in a girls' night out bar scene with the girls in the April 15 episode. She's looking ahead to episode four, when "someone in my past with whom I have a very strong relationship comes back," she said, mum on the details.

"I'm big on recycling, I bring my own bags to the grocery store so I'm not using plastic all the time. If we all do that we can make a big difference," believes Naturi Naughton, who wasn't unemployed for long after her short-lived NBC series "The Playboy Club" was canceled in October — she got the role of Kendra on "The Client List" in December. She was drawn to the character, female ensemble and the fact that unlike "Playboy," it shoots in Los Angeles, "so I get to be home." Though sad and shocked by that series' demise, she feels like she's found a new group of friends, "which is always nice. It's hard to do that in this business." She describes Kendra as "very sweet and naïve and youthful. She's the yoga-Zen-positive-happy girl. But she's living a double life as well. She's engaged to be married and he doesn't know that she works in the spa." Episode four brings some drama between Kendra and her boyfriend Bobby (Arlen Escarpeta), she said. Naughton also stars in the upcoming movie "Highland Park" as a girl who wants to be a singer, not too much of a stretch for the "Fame" actress, who is spending this spring in a New York workshop of the musical "Holler If You Hear Me," inspired by the music of Tupac Shakur.

Elisabeth Rohm, best known for more serious fare like "Law & Order," is having fun playing Hewitt's nemesis, a conservative Southern belle named Taylor. "I get to say horrible things. It's entertaining, and we can all get a good laugh out of this mean girl I play," she said. "And I love being with all these women." Rohm has several films awaiting release, including "Transit," a thriller starring Jim Caviezel about a family terrorized by bank robbers on a camping trip, due out in May. Committed to "the non-toxic house" and buying organic foods and natural household products, Rohm, who has a four-year-old daughter, works with Healthy Child, Healthy World and is opening a juice bar in Santa Monica, Calif., called Rejuice, which is in line with her green lifestyle. " I drive a Prius, I ride my bike a lot of the time, and I'm not a vegan but I'm very close," she said. This summer, she plans to travel and spend time with her daughter. "I may be doing a movie in Italy."

"I recycle everything, all my paper products, bottles, cans and I try not to use very many of them if I can at all help it. I have a filter on my water faucet and I carry my own bottle and reusable grocery bags," said Rebecca Field, who plays Lacey, best friend to Hewitt's Riley. "She's great, she's funny, she's quirky, a little ditzy," she described, adding that she loves "the female power" on set. Lacey is married to a mostly absent long distance trucker, played by Greg Grunberg ("Heroes") in a recurring role. Field is currently on the big screen in "American Reunion," playing an old high school flame of Seann William Scott's Stifler. "We bump into each other at the reunion."

Alicia Lagano plays sharp-tongued Selena, "a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, kind of used and abused by men, a street kid who now uses her Chanel and Gucci to cover up." As the season progresses, "There's a lot of stuff between my and Jennifer's character. I'm very envious of her and I cause a lot of drama." As for being green, "I'm really just trying to be good about recycling at this point," she said. "I'm really trying hard."

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