"We actually have the first passive solar set in country. It's 60 percent run by solar power," says Julianna Margulies, who got into the recycling habit at a young age and continues to be mindful today. "I just try and not waste. I try to do my part and I think it's all our jobs to teach our kids that," says the "Good Wife" star and mother of a 3-year-old son.

Playing lawyer and cheated-on wife Alicia Florrick has been a career highlight. "I never know how Alicia is going to react to something, so it's very interesting. She's growing and finding herself as a woman," Margulies notes. "I think the hardest part of playing this character is holding back the emotion because she is such a tightly wound, I hate to say 'WASP,' but she is. She isn't used to tears and tantrums. For me that's very hard. I constantly have to hold back tears."

As for juggling motherhood and long days on the New York set, "there's not a lot of time in my day to luxuriate, because as any working mother knows, the moments you have downtime are spent with your family," she says. "My favorite way to unwind is reading to my son. But there's a great nail place that opened up around the block and I go and get a pedicure and while they're drying, I get that 20-minute massage."

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