After perusing the MNN website the other day, I happened upon Peter Dykstra's article Media Mayhem: Mother Nature's Greatest Hits. As a DJ and music lover, I thought this was a great way to incorporate more people into a green movement. I decided to do my own list, with a different generation's twist, and new music.

10. "Hopp polla" - Sigur Rós. From the album "Takk." It's in Hopelandic and Icelandic, as the band is from Iceland, but it talks about jumping in puddles, one of the best rainy day activities.  

9. "Monkey Gone to Heaven" - The Pixies. "There was a guy/ an underwater guy who controlled the sea/ got killed by ten million pounds of sludge/ from New York and New Jersey" That's a gross image, no one wants to be under sludge. 

8. "No Cars Go" - Arcade Fire. From their self-titled EP, the band talks about a place with no cars and no planes. Think of all the emissions that would not exist if we didn't have cars ...  

7. "Walk Softly" - Barefoot Truth.  With some members hailing from Vermont, this band's song off the same titled CD talks about problems in society and learning from our mistakes. "Can't you see that the way we're living/It won't easily be forgiven."  

6. "Gone" - Jack Johnson. "Gone be the birds when they don't want to sing/Gone people all awkward with their things, gone." The Hawaii native sings of the demise of, well everything, due to human consumption, more or less.  

5. "Carbon Monoxide" - Cake "Too much carbon monoxide for me to bare" I'd have to agree with you there, McCrea.  

4. "Waiting on the World to Change" - John Mayer. One of the most popular songs by Mayer, it highlights the need for change from a younger generation.  

3. "Hey World (Don't Give Up)" - Michael Franti and Spearhead. Franti and Spearhead's duo are politically active, and on this track they highlight the world's troubles, such as: "Tell me why the grass was greener/A year ago/I swear it used to grow here."   

2. "One Sweet World" - Dave Matthews Band. The huge band remarks on how special earth is, and even had a Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor named after this song. "Upon this watered one/So much we take for granted."

1. "With My Own Two Hands" - Ben Harper. "I can change the world/With my own two hands/Make a better place/With my own two hands." Pretty much sums up the idea that we all can make a difference. This song is from Harper's album, "Diamonds on the Inside."

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Alyssa Kropp originally wrote this story for MNN State Reports.
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