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All photos courtesy of Steve Casino

Steve Casino, also known as the "Painter of Nuts," takes ordinary peanuts and transforms them into caricatures of famous celebrities and superheroes. How does he do it?

Steps to make a painted peanut

It starts with a serious peanut sorting session, because the peanut has to have a similar shape to the celebrity, of course.

To make the tiny statuettes, Casino removes the nuts from the shell (which he can totally snack on later), glues the shells back together and applies wood filler to the part of the shell that will be the front. Then, he sands it down, adds the legs, feet and base, and sketches faces based on photographs. Painting can take up to 10 hours, he says, and arms go on last.

Casino got hooked on painting peanuts when he found a peanut that he thought looked like him, sketched a cartoon of himself on it, and showed it to his friend — who burst into laughter. That's why he keeps the backs of his peanuts exposed.

Miscellaneous peanut sculptures, front and back

"I love the happy reaction of people when I show them the back of a peanut and slowly reveal the person painted on the front," Casino says in a video he created. "The surprise at seeing this highly detailed, unexpected caricature almost always makes them laugh. It's like a magic trick."

Check out some more of Casino's nutty look-alikes below:

Creature from the lagoon

Elton John

Muhammad Ali

Edward Scissorhands

Batman and Robin


Spok and Captain Kirk

Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse



Spidey and Doc Oc


Bruce Lee

James Brown

See Casino in action as he describes the meticulous process in his own words:

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