New mom Tia Mowry, who gave birth to son Cree Hardrict on June 28, keeps her baby's nursery as green as possible. "I buy organic clothing and organic blankets. I use Seventh Generation products, especially for washing his clothes. And breastfeeding is very green because you're not using bottles and you're not washing them," points out Mowry, who has another favorite way of saving water: "My husband and I sometimes take showers together." Her twin sister Tamera is similarly eco-minded. "We're always replacing old light bulbs with the green light bulbs and of course we recycle. And I'm thinking about getting a hybrid car. I have a Mercedes SUV, but my next car will be a hybrid," she vows. "I drove a Prius and I love it."

The siblings return to Style Network Aug. 8 to document the biggest milestones in their lives to date — Tia's pregnancy and Tamera's wedding — in "Tia & Tamera," an eight-episode reality series.

"It's very emotional. I'm totally hormonal. You'll see me crying, you'll see my sister crying," says Tia, who "went through a lot" with her pregnancy including hospitalizations for complications including breech position of the baby. She worked "right up to the end" on her BET series "The Game," and will be back on set a brief six weeks after delivery. Tamera, whose wedding to Adam Housley takes place in episode three, says the series captures emotional moments and mini-crises. "You see us go through the transitions, our ups and downs, our miscommunications and most of all, our love for each other," she says.

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