Former "Family Ties" star Tina Yothers is an outdoorsy, nature-loving mom of three kids ages 4, 6 and 12, married to electrician Robert Kaiser, who likes to garden, raise chickens and go camping, dirt biking and fishing with her family.

Actress/host/reality star Niecy Nash is the high maintenance type who likes to shop at the mall and doesn't like to get dirty.

The polar opposites are paired in the Jan. 17 episode of ABC's "Celebrity Wife Swap," participation in which Yothers initially turned down but ultimately agreed to do because "it was the summer and we thought it would be a fun experiment." She moved into Nash's home and "exposed her kids to the outdoors," and showed them how to plant a garden in wine barrels. Her husband had a tougher time of it with the "fancy" Nash. "I really like Niecy a lot, just not in our world," says Kaiser, who took her camping. "She did not want to be there."

Yothers, one of the founders of Oxford Preparatory School, a charter school in Chino, Calif., where they have a garden and a wide variety of special programs and is now branching out into a second school in southern Orange County, considers motherhood her "most important job. I'm raising my kids and having a good time doing it," she says. "I have a beautiful husband and we have a great family."

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