The Britpop icons are reportedly slated to rock the high frontier aboard what British billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson is touting as the world's first commercial space craft — SpaceShipTwo."Spandau Ballet will have five minutes of weightlessness to perform one of their hits, which will include either I'll Fly For YouGold or True, according to founding member Steve Norman," according to The Daily Mail.

Branson, who founded Virgin Atlantic Airways, dubs his new venture Virgin Galactic, and plans on lofting himself and the band into low-Earth orbit on one of the first flights of the slim, 18-meter-long, cigar-shaped craft.The release says the cameras, microphones and musical equipment will be played and run from Earth, which should probably not be taken as a critique of the band's 30th anniversary reunion and world tour.Spandau Ballet's band members join some 300 others who've already booked a $200,000 seat for a two-and-a-half-hour, skies-the-limit jaunt.Branson boasts that his craft will give some 1,000 jet-setters the ride of their lives — about double the number that have "slipped the surly bonds of Earth" since the inception of manned space flight.Officials with Virgin say the two-pilot, six-passenger space plane will begin full testing in 2010, before the band tunes and suits up for their five minutes of weightless fame. SpaceShipTwo has made three sub-orbital flights in the last five years.The craft is scheduled to begin commercial flights in 2011 from Spaceport America in New Mexico, home of veteran air and spacecraft developer Bert Rutan.No word from fellow Britpop icon David Bowie or ground control on whether Major Tom will be in the pilot's seat.

To boldly go where no pop band has gone before
Recently reunited 1980s British synth-pop crooners Spandau Ballet set their musical sights far higher than mere MTV rotation and iTunes. They're headed to space