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6) Volcano Insurance

Peter Griffin is a slick salesman's dream. In this clip he falls for a fast-talking huckster selling volcano insurance. Some would consider the complete lack of volcanos in Rhode Island to be a good reason not to buy volcano insurance, but at the same time, don't you think they're overdue for one?



7) The Toxic Avenging Griffins

After a tanker truck carrying nuclear waste ends up on their front lawn (stuff like that happens more often than not in Quahog), the Griffins discover the benefits that come with being doused in the green glowing goo. If nuclear waste really did do that, I bet the nuclear power industry would have a lot easier time building new plants.



8) Have you heard?

Peter Griffin really cares about the birds, one in particular — the one that's the word. But have you heard, it was my understanding that everyone has heard ...

Best clip ever.



9) Pick up my poop, Brian!

After Brian and Stewie set off to explore the Multiverse and end up in a world where dogs are in charge and people are walked on a leash, Stewie pushes the role reversal to its limit and forces Brian to pick up his poop. And nothing is greener than poop.



10) Peter learns a hard lesson

Peter got a little mixed up on the way to getting a bullfrog for his son Chris, setting up what is one of the more awkward moments in dead frog television. Michael J. Frog he is not.



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Top 10 green 'Family Guy' clips, Nos. 6-10
Video: Peter Griffin and his family may not be the greenest cartoon characters on the block, but they do enough for a proper collection of clips.