With a new year comes a new cycle of "American Idol," the television series that captivates the country’s viewers as singers try to land a major new contract. This year the show has a couple of new faces with judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez joining veteran judge Randy Jackson to evaluate and provide feedback for the wannabe stars. We thought we’d play judge ourselves and take a look back at the 10 worst "American Idol" contestants the show has seen as it kicks off its 10th season.

We focused mostly on horrible finalists since somehow, despite their lack of talent, they stayed on week after ear-splitting week, making them truly the worst.

10. Kristy Lee Cook (Season 7)

Oh, the country music agony. Kristy Lee Cook’s rendition of “Eight Days a Week” takes a perfectly good pop song, speeds up the tempo to an absurd pace and strips the song of all its charm and catchiness.

9. Jim Verraros (Season 1)

It is a bit unfair to pick on season 1 since the talent pool wasn’t exactly sure what they were in for, but Jim Verraros’ cover of "Easy" during Motown week (always a rough week, to be fair) is flat and dull. Plus that vest.

8. Josh Gracin (Season 2)

We weren’t aware that "Jive Talking" would work as an almost spoken word poem until Josh Gracin attempted it during season 2. Couple it with his odd camera interaction and constant wrist movement, and you have to wonder what’s going on in the man’s head.

7. Scott Savol (Season 4)

You need some real smoothness and a degree of empathy to pull off a Luther Vandross song, and Scott Savol’s "Dance With My Father" has neither.

6. Carmen Rasmusen (Season 2)

Carmen Rasmusen should probably be known as "The One Simon Got Wrong." For some reason, Cowell selected her during the season’s wild-card round, and she flatly traveled through much of the season.

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