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5. Haley Scarnato (Season 6)

We’re not entirely sure how Haley Scarnato turned "Turn the Beat Around" (most recently made popular by Gloria Estefan) into a truly terrible disco performance, but we imagine it had something to do with Scarnato’s misguided notion that she had a bigger voice than she actually did.

4. Jasmine Trias (Season 3)

In the season with Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia Barrino, Jasmine Trias somehow cruised by with pitchy versions of songs, particularly "All By Myself," her last song on "Idol." Luckily, Barrino went on to win the season while Hudson now has an Oscar and a Grammy.

3. Kevin Covais (Season 5)

Kevin Covais was not the single worst singer ever to be on "American Idol." He is, however, one of the most painfully awkward singers to ever step on its stage, and as a finalist no less! Having the young man nicknamed "Chicken Little" sing "Part Time Lover" is something that probably should not have happened.

2. Camile Velasco (Season 3)

Camile Velasco’s incredibly strained, uncomfortable sounding “Yellow Brick Road” rightfully eliminated the singer from the competition.

1. Sanjaya Malakar (Season 6)

Are you surprised? Sanjaya Malakar is perhaps most representative of how vulnerable the show is to voting issues (how did he survive so long?). He never seemed to be trying particularly hard, relying on his quirky onstage presence to skate by, week by week, and we all paid the price.


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Top 10 worst 'American Idol' contestants, No. 5-1
As the show begins its tenth season, we look back at some of the worst American Idols ever to step on stage.