Tracy Spiridakos' eco-awareness was aroused when she saw the effects of plastic pollution first-hand. "I went diving for the first time a year and a half ago and while we were diving we kept finding plastic everywhere and it killed me," she relates. "So I don't use plastic and make sure my family isn't using plastic water bottles, or at least recycles them."


In "Revolution," NBC's new Monday night drama, Spiridakos plays Charlie Matheson, a young survivalist in a new Dark Age, 15 years since a worldwide blackout. "It's a very cool concept," she says, borrowing creator Eric Kripke's description of her character as Dorothy ("The Wizard of Oz") "with a sword. She has vulnerability about her. She sees the best in people. She's very hopeful. But she's also a fighter, she's tough, and I think that's what's really cool about her."


A self-described tomboy, she's relished doing the action and combat scenes, despite a few bruises. "It's been fun. Our stunt coordinator has a really cool, kick ass kind of attitude and he makes it a blast. He makes it very safe for us. He babies me, makes sure I don't get hurt."


"Revolution" is her first U.S. series, but the Canadian actress worked steadily before, including a recurring role in season two of "Being Human," playing werewolf Brynn McLean. Coincidentally, her boyfriend Jon Cor played her twin, Connor. "We met before. We got cast completely separately," she says. As for the possibility of a return, "I think my schedule will conflict, but I hope to eventually be back on and finish our story."


Spiridakos always knew she would be an actress. "I was the entertainer in my family, making my parents and my brothers laugh. I was that kid. If I can have the honor of having that effect on somebody, how wonderful is that? I have a good head on my shoulders and I want to be a positive influence. I've traveled a lot and met a lot of cool people."


So what would she miss most if the power went out for real? "I would say my cell phone. I call home a lot. I'm very close with my family. They're in Winnipeg. I call them almost every day," she says. "I lost my phone temporarily, for a day, and I knew my mom would be worrying. I was worried that she was worried!"


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Tracy Spiridakos kicks plastic bottles, kicks butt on 'Revolution'
Canadian actress Tracy Spiridakos stars in NBC's hit sci-fi drama 'Revolution'.