The Disneynature movie “African Cats,” following a lions, cheetahs and other felines of the savanna, will have its network premiere on Animal Planet of September 3.

Smitten by kittens? Then you’ll probably find Animal Planet’s feline edition of “Too Cute!” countdown of the top 20 adorable feline moments hard to resist. It premieres September 7.

Among the programs commemorating the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 disaster, Smithsonian Channel’s “9-11: The Heartland Tapes” tells the tragic story as it unfolded and was documented by the media outside New York and Washington D.C. (September 8). Animal Planet’s special “Hero Dogs of 9/11” tells the story of three search-and-rescue canines who saved lives at the Twin Towers. It’s followed by an encore of “Glory Hounds,” about military working dogs (September 10). PBS’ “Nova” documentary “Ground Zero Supertower” updates “Engineering Ground Zero” with a look inside the 104-story One World Trade Center. It airs, fittingly, on September 11.

Hosted by Alan Alda, the PBS special “Brains on Trial” uses a fictional trial to explore how developments in neuroscience may affect the trial process, and outcome. Neuroscientists demonstrate how MRIs and other brain scans can decode thoughts and expose lies, and — like DNA evidence has done — be a game-changer for criminal justice. The two-part documentary airs September 11 and 18.

A mash-up of “Antiques Roadshow,” “History Detectives” and “Who Do You Think You Are?” and based on a hit Irish series, PBS’ “Genealogy Roadshow” visits four cities to help ordinary people with questions about their ancestors uncover the sometimes surprising truth. It kicks off in Nashville September 23.

PBS Nature’s “Earthflight” gives a spectacular bird’s eye view of the world and an up-close look at a diverse array of avian species in a six-part series airing September 4-October 2. Read our interview with the show's producer.

Floods, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis — National Geographic’s “Night of Exploration” examines the “World’s Worst Natural Disasters” in a two-hour special on September 6, focusing on why they happen and how we can learn from past catastrophes.

“Heavy Metal Warriors” isn’t about headbanger bands, despite the title — it’s Weather Channel’s new series about people who do tough jobs under the worst weather conditions on earth. Premiering September 16, the six-episode series includes icebreakers in the Arctic, flood rescuers in North Dakota, and oil pipeline repairmen in the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, on, the September offering is “Hero Next Door,” consisting of six shorts about individuals who courageously helped their neighbors during a catastrophic weather event, such as Superstorm Sandy. It also launches September 16.

What happens when you microwave a light bulb? What makes coffee creamer so incendiary? The “Night of Exploration,” episode “None of the Above: Forces of Nature” will explain these and other phenomena in a series of street experiments. It’s followed by “In the Name of Science,” which examines the science of lying. Both premiere September 13 on National Geographic.

Lions, tigers, bears and about 40 more of the world’s top predators are front and center in a four-part special simulcast “The Secret Life of Predators” on National Geographic and Nat Geo Wild on September 20 and September 27. In the first two parts, “Naked” covers the hunt for prey in open spaces like the Arctic, African savanna and Mongolian steppe, and “Stealth” examines how predators stalk, hunt and capture their victims.

TV shows we'll be watching in September
From 9/11 documentaries about hero dogs to a reality show about jobs in the world's worst weather, we've got our DVRs set.