Child looks around inside a Singapore wet market

Photos: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Eels, squid and pig's feet ... Oh my!

A young boy looks at fish for sale on Feb. 21 at the Chinatown Complex Wet Market in Singapore.

The Chinatown Complex Wet Market is a traditional Asian food market that boasts a peculiar collection of fresh seafood, meat, vegetables and a variety of regional delicacies. A "wet market" is named for the vast amount of water used to wash the floors, keep fruits and vegetables fresh and keep fish and shellfish alive.

So, what exactly can an adventurous eater expect from a market such as this?

Crayfish at wet market


Chicken feet at wet market

Chicken feet

Whitebait at wet market


Eels at wet market


Squid at wet market


Frogs at wet market

Live frogs

Pig leg at wet market

Pig legs


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