Hey, Mexico: If you can break away from the mirror for a moment, we've got some news to share.

Of all the people in the world, Mexicans are the most pleased with how they look. Nearly three-quarters (74 percent) of Mexicans say they are "completely satisfied" or "fairly satisfied" with their appearance, according to a new study by market research group GfK.

The company conducted an online survey with more than 27,000 people aged 15 or older in 22 countries, asking them how they felt about their looks.

Turkey came in second with 71 percent, with Ukraine and Brazil tied for third place at 65 percent. Other countries scoring high on the happy-with-the-mirror scale: Spain (64 percent); Germany and Argentina (both 62 percent) and the U.S. (60 percent).

The Japanese turned out to be the most self-critical, with 38 percent "not at all satisfied" or "not too satisfied," followed by the British, Russians and South Koreans at 20 percent.

Here's a visual snapshot of the study, but if you find yourself squinting — which is universally unattractive — you can look at the original pdf here.

satisfaction with your looks country by country breakdown chart

When it came to age-related differences, there weren't many. Teenagers were only slightly more critical of their looks than adults. Overall, people aged 60 and older were the least self-critical.

As far as men versus women, both sexes were equally happy with their looks with 43 percent saying they were "fairly satisfied" and 12 percent "completely satisfied." Men were more likely to say they were neutral about their looks while women were just slightly more likely to say they were dissatisfied with their appearance.

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