"We changed over all the light bulbs, we put in solar to heat the pool and we're thinking about a heat pump. We're pretty green and we have the money to spend on it," says William H. Macy, now starring in Showtime's dark comedy "Shameless." He's getting a kick out of playing an outrageous character, "a complete narcissist. He's smart, he's funny, he's a bit tongue in cheek, even about his own life. He's usually a happy drunk, and he's hard working. There's something compelling about someone who's constantly striving all the time. He thinks he's a great father, but he's very put-upon. The weight of raising six kids is weighing on him all the time."

To call his family unusual would be an understatement. "On the one hand, these people have a very casual relationship with the law and with the rules, but on the other hand, it's highly moral. There is a code and they don't break it. They get each other's backs and they comfort each other. It's filled with love, and it's the last place you expect to find it." As for love interests, "There's more than one. Frank gets lucky a lot," he notes.

Off screen, Macy is married to "Desperate Housewives" star Felicity Huffman, who likes the long locks he grew for the role, as do his daughters, he reports. "She digs the hair, not so crazy about the scruffiness, but the hair looks good on a motorcycle with a motorcycle jacket and all that."

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