Move over, Jay, Dave, Jimmy and Conan. There’s a new-late night live talkfest aiming to take a bite out of your viewership. Premiering August 4, “Shark After Dark” Week promises a sharp mix of guests, Shark Week previews and highlights, and comedy. Josh Wolf, a regular on E!’s “Chelsea Lately,” hosts the nightly festivities.

MNN: How is this talk show different from all the others on TV?

Josh Wolf: It’ll be shark-centric. A lot of shark jokes.

How do you make sharks funny?
Tune in and find out!

What and who can we expect to see on “Shark After Dark?

Celebrity guests, skits -- basically the same format as any late night talk show.

Any plans to invite the sharks from ABC's “Shark Tank? Landshark from “SNL?”

No, and leave the jokes to me!

How will social media play into it?

It’s a live show, so we’ll be answering tweets, Facebook questions on the air, and I will give my own smartass answers too.

How'd you get the gig?  Why did you want it?

People at Discovery loved my naked singing telegram. It’s always been my dream to host a late night talk show. And my kids like to eat.

Would you like a full-time hosting gig?

Yes, please. Are you offering?

Are you a Shark Week fan?


What's the most surprising thing you've learned about sharks?

They’re big fans of One Direction.

Do sharks scare you?

A lot!

Ever see one up close?

Besides my agent, no.

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