Heckling is a delicate game. You obviously want to be heard or seen — why else are you heckling? — but you don't want to be called on it. At most you want to get a reaction out of the athlete or be made fun of by the comedian you're mocking.

And if you're David Johnson from North Dakota at the Ryder Cup tournament, you probably don't expect to have to make a putt that golfers Rory McIlroy and Andy Sullivan were having trouble making ... even though, yes, you did just brag about being able to make it yourself.

Henrik Stenson overheard Johnson talking up his game on Thursday as McIlroy and Sullivan both struggled to sink a putt on the sixth green, so he pulled him out of the gallery to see if he could make the shot. To up the ante, Justin Rose placed a $100 bill next to the ball.

Johnson, however, was not rattled. He quipped about the too-short putter and joked about being on "home soil" (the Ryder Cup alternates between courses in the U.S. and Europe every two years, and this year it's in Minnesota) — and then totally nailed the putt.

Johnson goes wild. The gallery goes wild. And the pros, in a stellar display sportsmanship, congratulate Johnson on his performance.

No doubt Johnson will be getting free drinks for a long time to come.

I can make that putt, says Ryder Cup heckler
A U.S. fan was pulled out of the Ryder Cup gallery after saying he could make a putt two of the world's best golfers couldn't.