Trampoline Wall Stunts!

This is so rad.Thanks to Samantha Sendel for the clips!

Posted by People Are Awesome on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Jumping on a trampoline is one of the easiest ways to achieve a feeling of flight. That sensation can be too fleeting, though, as gravity takes hold and brings you falling back onto the just-taut-enough fabric. If you've timed it right, though, that fabric will propel you right back into the air. Indoor trampoline parks take that sensation and add some mad stunts to the mix, as this video shows. Athletes run up vertical walls after a well-timed bounce, or they flip and somersault their way back to the top ... before falling back to the trampoline to do it all over again. These daredevils make it look easy, but these stunts likely required a lot of practice, so don't think you can just hop into the local trampoline funzone and start flipping up walls. Learn the basics, practice and always have someone watching out for you while you're showing gravity who's the boss.

Athletes grab some air time at trampoline park
Aerial stunts are the norm for these high-jumping daredevils.