Water lovers Aaron Peirsol and Dave Rastovich splash up some heartfelt green tips. (Gerri Miller)


Aaron Peirsol: I'm Aaron Peirsol and you're watching the Mother Nature Network.

Aaron Peirsol: I'm Aaron Peirsol and this is my green tip. Uh, the best thing I can say is to try to educate yourself. Try to understand when you go to the grocery store what fish you're buying, make sure that the fish you're buying to eat aren't protected or being overfished. Um, certainly too maybe shopping at supermarkets that, uh, grocery markets that have mercury safe fish, as well. And being cognizant about what you put in storm trains and, uh, using canvas bags instead of plastic bags.

Dave Rastovich: My name is Dave Rastovich and I'm a professional surfer. I have an organization called Surfers for Cetaceans, which is focused on stopping whaling nations wiping out the dolphin, whale and porpoise from the oceans of this earth. And by green tip is to go to the beach with an open mind, open eyes, and if you see any rubbish, you pick it up, if you see someone doing something wrong, you stop them. It's just like a bank robber running out of a bank with money and other people's resources. If you see someone down in the ocean commercially fishing and draining the ocean of fish, if you see someone dumping their rubbish or killing an animal that's endangered, then do something about it. You have the right to do something about it, and the responsibility to do something about it. And so at this point in time I would like to say that the surfing community and industry is stepping up as a custodial group on behalf of our coastlines and our animals and this is just the beginning of that kind of movement and it's exciting times and I invite everyone to be a part of that. This is the moment that we have to step in and do something. That's my little green tip.

Dave Rastovich: This is Dave Rastovich and you are watching the Mother Nature Network.


Ecollywood: Aaron Peirsol and Dave Rastovich
Water lovers Aaron Peirsol and Dave Rastovich share heartfelt green tips.