Get your weekly green tips from Alicia Silverstone and Lindsey Broad. (Gerri Miller)

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Alicia Silverstone: Hi, I'm Alicia Silverstone, and you should check out The Kind Diet, the book that I wrote about feeling your best, looking your best and saving the planet at the same time. There's delicious recipes in there. A great green tip is just try really hard to eat as many plant-based foods as you can. Move in that direction. Be an aspiring vegetarian. And this book will help you do that.

Lindsey Broad: Hi, I'm Lindsey Broad, I play Ally Stark on 'Til Death, and here's the green tip of the day: try your best, if you can, on the weekends not to use your car. Generally, you don't have to go that far on the weekends. So you can ride your bike. That's what I try to do.

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