Alicia Silverstone, Daisy Fuentes and David Faustino share simple green tips with MNN. (Gerri Miller)


Alicia Silverstone: I'm Alicia Silverstone.

David Faustino: Hi, my name is David Faustino.

Daisy Fuentes: Hi, I'm Daisy Fuentes and you're watching the Mother Nature Network.

Alicia Silverstone: Hi, MNN, um, I'm Alicia Silverstone and I really hope you check out my book, "The Kind Diet." I think it will move you, inspire you and help support you on an amazing journey in this life. And if you want to lose weight, or just look great, or save the planet, the book is for you.

Daisy Fuentes: Hi, I'm Daisy Fuentes and my green tip is recycle. Recycle anything that you can. Don't just throw crap out — there's always somebody that wants your garbage, you know? Whether it's a piece of furniture, whether it's an old computer or some sort of techie thing, pass it on. Pass it on to someone, donate it to charity. Just think about stuff before you throw it out because it's just gonna sit there and it could be someone else's treasure.

David Faustino: Hi, my name is David Faustino and my green tip of the day today is you know when you take — is to get a low-flow showerhead. But even if you don't have a low-flow showerhead, you don't have to turn the spigot up all the way, you really don't. You can, you know, use a little bit of hot water, get wet, turn that thing off, soap up, boom, turn it back on. It's really simple. And you save a lot of water, and save a lot of money. So that's the tip of the day. Do it.

MNN homepage photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images