Arianna Huffington and Nancy O'Dell offer innovative tips for fueling fires and saving paper.


Arianna Huffington: I'm Ariana huffington and you're watching the Mother Nature Network.

Right now my major green tip is to use coffee logs in my fireplace, instead of real wood. So, the place, for those of us who love coffee, smells great. And you can keep your fire going all the time during the holidays without feeling guilty.

Nancy O’Dell: I’m Nancy O’Dell, and one of my best green tips:  at home what we do is, we take all of our fax paper that we get or copy machine paper after we’ve used it once, we cut it up into little post-it size and we leave it at all the different phones.  So when you leave a phone message, you're not using new paper, but yet you're using old paper and you leave it out lying around and that way you use the paper twice.

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Video: Get green tips from Arianna Huffington and Nancy O'Dell.