These Hollywood actresses think reusable shopping bags are the way to go. (Gerri Miller)


Julia Louis-Dreyfus: I'm Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Rachael Harris: Hi, I'm Rachael Harris.

Angela Kinsey: And I'm Angela Kinsey.

Wendie Malick: It's Wendie Malick.

Judy Greer: I'm Judy Greer.

Melissa Peterman: I'm Melissa Peterman.

Bailee Madison: I'm Bailee Madison and you're watching the Mother Nature Network.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: I'm Julia Louis-Dreyfus and my green tip is this: keep bags in the back of your car and use them when you go grocery shopping or any kind of shopping to avoid using plastic bags. That will make a world of difference.

Rachael Harris: Hi, I'm Rachael Harris ...

Angela Kinsey: ... and I'm Angela Kinsey ...

Rachael Harris: ... and our green tip for the day is use your eco-friendly bags instead of the plastic bags.

Angela Kinsey: Yeah!

Rachael Harris: Because the fish in the ocean confuse the plastic bags for food and it disrupts our fish supply. So use your eco-friendly bags.

Angela Kinsey: And keep 'em in your car, so you'll have 'em at the store!

Rachael Harris: Yeah.

Wendie Malick: It's Wendie Malick and my green tip is: be mindful of the stuff you buy, try to buy things that are minimally packaged, always take your own bag to the market with you.

Judy Greer: I'm Judy Greer and I would say that my green tip of the day is, uh, reuse your shopping bags.

Judy Greer: I'm Judy Greer and my green tip is to take your own bags to the grocery store. And if you are in the grocery store and if you realize you forgot 'em in your car, just go back out to your car and get 'em, it's not that much farther to walk back out to your car and get your bags that you forgot.

Melissa Peterman: I'm Melissa Peterman and my green tip is this: you know you have your cloth bags, but you always forget them. So put one in your car, put one in the trunk of your car, put one in your purse, put one, um, on the floor of your car, in the car seat ... wear it around your neck. Because we all buy them, we intend to use them, and then we get to the grocery store and we're like, "Oh my gosh, I have a thousand cloth bags upstairs or in my house." So I've been trying to just scatter them throughout my car and my life. I'm actually wearing cloth bag underpants ... right now. Green tip.

Bailee Madison: Hey this is Bailee Madison and and my green tip of the day is to always bring in your reusable bags to any kind of grocery store or any kind of shoe store or any kind of stuff like that so then you don't have to use as many trees or plastic bags.


Ecollywood: 'Bag lady' edition
These Hollywood actresses -- from "Seinfeld" to "The Office" -- think reusable shopping bags are the way to go (green).