A bunch of celebs celebrate green at the Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times 18th Annual Halloween Carnival. (Gerri Miller)

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Billy Bush: I'm Billy Bush.

Shar Jackson: I'm Shar Jackson.

Blake Lewis: This is Blake Lewis.

Caroline Sunshine: Hey guys, it's Caroline Sunshine.

Emily Osment: Hey, I'm Emily Osment.

Kaycee Stroh: Hey everybody, it's Kaycee Stroh.

Nicole Anderson: Hey guys, this is Nicole Anderson.

Samantha Harris: Hi, Samantha Harris.

Tiffany Thornton: Hey, Tiffany Thornton here, and you're watching the Mother Nature Network.

Billy Bush: I'm Billy Bush and my green tip of the day is: find a little patch somewhere in your house where you can grow a little something. Just a little something that you can grow for yourself, healthier for you, and the environment. That's it.

Shar Jackson: Hey everybody, it's Shar Jackson and what I'm doing to stay green is we're really big on recycling at my house. My kids are a little more on it than I am; if I mess up, they correct me. So I guess I'm doing something right, because I think it's the kids that are gonna have to keep all this stuff up, and mine are on it. So, recycling ... and they made me turn in the Navigator.

Blake Lewis: Hey, what's up, it's Blake Lewis telling you to start recycling and reusing all your goods that are available to you. I just had a party where everything was recycled and reused and I reused everything again. It takes an extra minute, and you can do it. You're bettering yourself and the planet.

Caroline Sunshine: Hey guys, it's Caroline Sunshine from Disney Channel's new original series, "Shake It Up," and my green tip of the day is that whenever you're doing your hygiene routine, be sure to conserve your water. Brushing your teeth, taking a shower — conserve your water, and go green!

Emily Osment: Hey, what's up, it's Emily Osment. I'm here at Camp Ronald McDonald, and uh, talking about being eco-friendly and how important it is and how important going green is and keeping our ocean and our air clean. So do what you can, recycle all you can, and try and get yourself in a hybrid.

Kaycee Stroh: Hey there everybody, it's me, Kaycee Stroh. I'm actually here at the Camp Ronald McDonald 18th Annual Camp Ronald McDonald fundraising. We're actually gonna raise funds for sick cancer kids to go to camp. But, I wanna tell you guys in the meantime, I'm rebuilding a house. I'm remodeling. And I'm trying to do everything a little bit more green. Some solar panels, you can do insulation that's more green, as well as paints and all the good stuff. So, keep it up, follow what I'm doing, every little bit helps.

Nicole Anderson: Hey guys, this is Nicole Anderson from "Jonas L.A." and a tip of the day is just to, you know, it's a very simple thing that a lot of people forget to turn off the lights before they leave a room. So, it's, you know, something that everybody can do, no matter what age you are, so make sure to do it!

Samantha Harris: Hi, it's Samantha Harris from "Entertainment Tonight" and my green tip of the day is to turn the water pressure down just a little bit more when you're not sudsing off that soap.

Tiffany Thornton: Hey guys, Tiffany Thornton here and my green tip of the day is to make sure you turn the water off when you're brushing your teeth. It'll help save a lot of water.


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Video: A bunch of celebs celebrate green at the Camp Ronald McDonald 18th Annual Halloween Carnival.