David Spade, Oliver Hudson, other stars and an executive from "Rules of Engagement" share some green rules of their own. (Gerri Miller)


Adhir Kalyan: Hi there, my name's Adhir Kalyan and this is my castmate,

Oliver Hudson: Oliver Hudson.

Patrick Warburton: Hello, this is Patrick Warburton.

Megyn Price: Hi, I'm Megyn Price.

Carol Leifer: I'm Carol Leifer.

David Spade: Hi, I'm David Spade, you're watching the Mother Nature Network (oh!).

Oliver Hudson: My name's Oliver Hudson.

Adhir Kalyan: And my name's Adhir Kalyan and we're from "Rules of Engagement" and our green tip of the day is ...

Oliver Hudson: ... I, uh, you gotta recycle. And don't flush the toilet ... ever.

Adhir Kalyan: That's not hygienic, though.

Oliver Hudson: I know but you're saving water. So if you don't flush the toilet, then you can save a lot of water. So no matter what, don't flush the toilet. Well maybe once every quarter, so like once every three months, flush your toilet.

Patrick Warburton: Hello, I'm Patrick Warburton and my green tip is turn off the water when you brush your teeth.

Megyn Price: Hi, I'm Megyn Price and my green tip is never throw food scraps into your trash can. They seal up in plastic and go to a dump somewhere. Throw them in your yard, dig up a hole, throw your scraps in a hole in your garden.

Carol Leifer: Hi, I'm Carol Leifer, and did you know that by going vegan you are so much more ecological and green than anything else? You make so much more of a statement with your fork than what you drive. So go vegan, people. Do it for the environment. And do it for your health, too.

David Spade: I'm David Spade (applause). And my green tip is I recycle, because it's illegal not to, and I'm looking for a hybrid car. It's not quite there yet but I'm looking, peeping. And I have a company that has all these uh great green things for the future that if one of them catches on it'll be like the new ... wheel. So uh and if it happens it's all great for the uh environment, anyway. So, win both ways. So thank you and signing off.


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Video: David Spade, Oliver Hudson and other stars of 'Rules of Engagement' share some green rules.