How do football players feel about the environment? Watch this exclusive Dallas Cowboys edition and find out what Keith Brooking has to say. Also, catch up with Tanya Tucker, who sang the national anthem at the game.

Need more? Be sure to catch the San Diego Chargers and the Baltimore Ravens with their green tips.


Cheerleaders: We're the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, and you're watching Mother Nature Network.
Keith Brooking: We're a conservative household when it comes to conserving energy and doing things right environmentally. I mean, we're very conscious of that.
Male voice: As a whole, the team does a lot of that, do they not? Brand-new facility?
Brooking: I think the NFL period does that. I think a lot of the things they have here within the stadium, I think it gives reminders to people that they can do the right thing to protect our planet.
Tanya Tucker: We try to save as much as we can possibly, our trees. So we don't use a lot of paper. We try to cut down — there's a lot of wasted paper, and we try to really watch that.