Get this week's green tips from Dianna Agron from the new show, Glee, and Yancey Arias. (Gerri Miller)



Dianna Agron: Hi, my name is Dianna Agron, and my green tip is to really buy bags to bring to the grocery store because we use so many of them. So if everybody had a bag and they brought it and they kept it in their car -- because that's the biggest problem I have, just put it back in your car. And when you go to the grocery store, you have it with you. It's so easy!

Yancey Arias: Hi, I'm Yancey Arias, and my green tip is: next time you go shopping for furniture make sure that [the merchants are] green-friendly, like my friend Paul Darafeev of Darafeev Game and Furniture.