Doctors know best, and these "doctors" — James Pickens, Jr. and Sarah Drew from "Grey's Anatomy" Olivia Wilde from "House" and Paul Adelstein from "Private Practice" — say go green. (Gerri Miller)


Olivia Wilde: Hi, I'm Olivia Wilde.

James Pickens, Jr.: Hi, I'm James Pickens, Jr.

Paul Adelstein: Hi, I'm Paul Adelstein.

Sarah Drew: I'm Sarah Drew and you're watching the Mother Nature Network.

Olivia Wilde: OK, hi, I'm Olivia Wilde and my green tip is that when you recycle plastic water bottles — even though you shouldn't be drinking out of them — you have to take off the cap and the paper and separate them from the plastic bottle or else the recycling company will not recycle them, and it's all for nothing, so, green tip.

James Pickens, Jr.: Hi, I'm James Pickens, Jr. of "Grey's Anatomy." My green tip is retrofit your house, make it greener. If you can get solar panels, great. Look into tankless water heaters, better windows, double-paned, whatever you can do, every little bit helps. Think green.

Paul Adelstein: Hi, I'm Paul Adelstein here's your green tip for the day. Buy a walter filter that goes on your kitchen faucet; stop buying plastic bottles of water. And then go out and buy some nice-looking glass bottles, you can get them almost anywhere, and just refill those. They're easy to clean, they're cool looking and you don't have tons of plastic bottles being flown all over the world and stacking up in your house. You don't have to recycle them. Much better way to go.

Sarah Drew: I'm Sarah Drew and my green tip for the day is my husband and I are looking to buy a hybrid. That will be our next car; we're really excited.

Kate Walsh: Hi, I'm Kate Walsh and you're watching the Mother Nature Network.

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Video: Doctors know best, and these "doctors" — James Pickens, Jr. and Sarah Drew from "Grey's Anatomy," Olivia Wilde from "House" and Paul Adelstein from "Pr