Get your water tips from Doris Roberts and Michelle Phillips. (Gerri Miller)


Doris Roberts: I'm Doris Roberts. And I'm here to talk about saving water because we need to save water. Very important. And not to litter our beautiful country up with garbage and old bottles and pieces of paper or plastic. Don't do any of that. Put it away. And make sure that you save your bottles and your cans and have it all recycled because you can be helpful on that. And don't water your garden too much. According to the law today, you have to do it on a certain hour each week. Do that because you'll be saving hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of gallons of water every year. And that's important. We need to do that 'cause we can't live without water.

Michelle Phillips: Hi, I'm Michelle Phillips, and my green tip is: cut your garden water in half. It's not going to suffer. Promise you.