Get your weekly green tips from Dwayne Johnson and Chris Massoglia. (Gerri Miller)


Dwayne Johnson: Hey everybody. Dwayne Johnson here. So a couple of things that I like to do for the environment are really little things. But what I found is little things make such a big difference in the long run. So I was a big — I was guilty for years of leaving the water on all the time. When I brushed my teeth, I would turn on the shower when I got in the bathroom and I wouldn't get in the shower for another 15 minutes. It was terrible. I'd leave the refrigerator open for a long time, I'd walk around the house, I mean I was really bad about that. So for me, I had to change that. I did a complete 180. So it's little things like that. Like making sure you're turning off the water and you're really being conservative with your water. Making sure you do little things, like keep the fridge closed. You know how your mom always said, "What are you trying to air condition the house?" I was guilty of that, so that's what I would pass on to you.

Chris Massoglia: Hey, my name is Chris Massoglia, and my green tip of the day is: less time in the shower.

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