Designers Sue Wong and Marc Bouwer and Miss J Alexander from "America's Next Top Model" share green tips with MNN. (Gerri Miller)


Miss J: I'm Miss J.

Sue Wong: I'm Sue Wong.

Marc Bouwer: Hello, I'm Marc Bouwer; you're watching the Mother Nature Network.

Miss J: Hi, I'm Miss J from "America's Next Top Model" and my green tip for the day, or shall I say, for life, maybe — Even here in LA. it's a very car dependent city, but you can walk at least three blocks for milk. So walk to the shop to get a gallon of milk. Or buy enough milk that you don't have to keep going back.

Sue Wong: Hi, I'm Sue Wong and you know, I conserve energy by putting solar panels in two of my homes. The one in Hawaii, and the eone here in Malibu. And now I don't have to pay any electrical bills.

Marc Bouwer: Hi, New York fashion designer Marc Bouwer. Do what you can to help the planet become more green. Unplug — don't just switch it off. Unplug it, because that electricity is still flowing out. So unplug it, switch the lights off, go to bed, and breathe peacefully.