Jessalyn Gilsig, Mark Salling and Jenna Ushkowitz — cast members of the hit show, "Glee" — share their best green tips. (Gerri Miller)

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Jessalyn: Hi, I'm Jessalyn Gilsig from "Glee."

Mark: Hey, I'm Mark Salling.

Jenna: I'm Jenna Ushkowitz and you're watching The Mother Nature Network.

Jessalyn: Hi, I'm Jessalyn Gilsig from "Glee," and I'm really excited because spring is here and I'm about to plant my garden. And I've made a commitment to myself that this year I will be composting. So, hopefully it won't be too stinky and ...

Mark: Hey, what's up. I'm Mark Salling and I've got a couple green tips for you. At, uh, Trader Joe's they sell these really stylin' grocery bags that you can use instead of the paper and plastic. And, you know, change out your light bulbs for energy-saving light bulbs. Sweat out the summer like I do in Los Angeles without air conditioning. There you go.

Jenna: Hi, I'm Jenna Ushkowitz from "Glee" and my green tip of the day is eat less meat.

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