Yowza! Greg Grunberg & Wendy Davis offer their eco-tips.  (Video by Gerri Miller)



Greg Grunberg: Hey, it’s Greg Grunberg from "Heroes."  Alright, my eco-friendly tip … you wanna be kind to the trees?  Let’s save some trees. Stop clipping coupons, okay?  I have created an application called Yowza.  Go to GetYowza.com, you can find out all about it.  It was my idea ... this guy Rick and August —  I partnered with these two geniuses, and we’ve come up with Yowza.  You click on it when you’re in the mall, and look at that.  All the deals that are available in the stores within walking distance.  So there you go — there is your coupon right there.  Look at that.  Your coupon is right there.  You don’t have to use a tree, you don’t have to use, you know, an airplane to mail it to you.  It’s as green as it gets, baby – digital coupons through Yowza.  GetYowza.com.

Wendy Davis:  Hi, I’m Wendy Davis from "Army Wives," and my green tip is to use recycled paper products.


Ecollywood: Greg Grunberg & Wendy Davis
Video: Greg Grunberg & Wendy Davis offer their eco-tips.