Beautiful people support the beautification of the planet, too. Check out these models' green tips. (Gerri Miller)


Jaime King: I'm Jaime King.

Josie Maran: I'm Josie Maran.

Lauren Hutton: I'm Lauren Hutton.

Rhona Mitra: I'm Rhona Mitra.

Tricia Helfer: I'm Tricia Helfer.

Mercedes Yvette: I'm Mercedes Yvette.

Rebecca Mader: Hi, I'm Rebecca Mader.

Sasha Gray: I'm Sasha Gray and you're watching the Mother Nature Network.

Jaime King: Hi, I'm Jaime King and my green tip is to drive a Prius and hybrids.

Josie Maran: I'm Josie Maran and my green tip is to reuse wine bottles, so when you're having a party, put a whole bunch of reused wine bottles on the table for water jugs. It's really, like, French country stylish and you're reusing, accidentally.

Lauren Hutton: I'm Lauren Hutton and my green tip of the day is think before you breed.

Rhona Mitra: I'm Rhona Mitra and my green tip is to think universally and act internally.

Tricia Helfer: Hey, I'm Tricia Helfer and my little green tip that I'm doing lately is I just redid my garden. So take out all the tropicals and put in the succulents and try and help conserve our water in L.A. that's definitely at a shortage.

Mercedes Yvette: My name is Mercedes Yvette and my green tip of the day is using no shampoo — I mean using shampoo with no sulfates. So, that's my green tip.

Rebecca Mader: Hi, I'm Rebecca Mader and I suggest that you watch "The Cove" and "Food, Inc."

Sasha Gray: Hi MNN, I'm Sasha Gray and I'm gonna adopt a dog soon — I'm looking for a Doberman and ... go get yourself a puppy that needs a loving home.