Get your green tips from James Tupper and Maria Canals-Barrera. (Gerri Miller)


James Tupper: Hi, I'm James Tupper, and my green tip is: Invest in solar power. It makes sense in southern California. And it'll end up paying for itself. And then your kids will be getting a paycheck every month instead of paying some [inaudible].

Maria Canals-Barrera: Hi, this is Maria Canals-Barrera from Wizards of Waverly Place, and my green tip of the day is: When you get a beautiful package, or you buy something that comes in just a beautiful box, for me it's heartbreaking to throw it away because it's so lovely. So what I do with my kids, we'll make a craft out of it. Or we'll use it to store our hair barrettes or our cotton balls or our bobby pins. Something cute. It was hard for me to throw it away anyway, so why not recycle it and use it for something else?

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