Get this week's green tips from Jason Schwartzman and Michelle Forbes. (Gerri Miller)


Jason Schwartzman: Hi, I'm Jason Schwartzman. I have one green tip and one kind of general thing. The green tip is: before you put any trash in the recycler, make sure that it's clean of food because if there's a lot of food on it, you can't recycle it. So wash it. It's not that much harder to wash it. And second of all, don't let anything stop you, like feeling you don't do enough. Because some people will go, 'Well, I can't do all that stuff, so I'm just not going to do it.' But no one realizes that if everyone just does a little something, it's good. You don't have to be the most incredible green person. You just gotta do what you can do. So, that's it.

Michelle Forbes:  Hi, I'm Michelle Forbes, and my green tip of the day is: recycle, recycle, recycle, recycle till your fingers fall off.

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