Get this week's eco-tips from Kate Flannery and Kevin Dobson. (Gerri Miller)




Kate Flannery: Hi, I'm Kate Flannery from 'The Office.' You're watcing the Mother Nature Network, and here's my green tip for the day: Recycle. Recycle your clothes, recycle your books, recycle your stuff that you don't really use that much anymore. Maybe in your kitchen cabinets. Your Tupperware. Your dishes. Somebody else can use it. And love 'em.

Kevin Dobson: Hi, my name is Kevin Dobson. Hey listen, I have a tip for you about cutting back. You know that lawn you have out front or out back? Preferably out front. If the neighbors see you making a vegetable garden instead of mowing the lawn and watering it all the time, you'll be a favorite in the neighborhood.

(MNN homepage photo: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC)