Kim Kardashian and Susan Olsen offer two bizarre tips for helping the environment in this installment of Ecollywood. (Video by Gerri Miller)



Kim:  Hi, I’m Kim Kardashian and my green tip is to shower with your loved ones to conserve water.
Susan: I’m Susan Olsen and my green tip is: recycle pets.  If you’re looking for another animal, don’t go to the pet store, don’t go to a breeder.  Go to the shelter or, better yet, go to a rescue group.  Something like Precious Paws, and preferably get an older pet, one that lost their home.  Recycle your pets.
Susan: Hi, I’m Susan Olsen and you’re watching the Mother Nature Network.

Ecollywood: Kim Kardashian and Susan Olsen
Kim Kardashian and Susan Olsen: Two celebs, two bizarre eco-tips.