Miley's entourage: "Hannah Montana" and "The Last Song" actors weigh in on green. (Gerri Miller)


Liam Hemsworth: Hey, I'm Liam Hemsworth.

Jason Earles: I'm Jason Earles.

Barry Bostwick: Hi, I'm Barry Bostwick and you're watching the Mother Nature Network.

Liam Hemsworth: I'm Liam Hemsworth, and, uh, my green tip of the day is turn off the lights when you leave the room.

Jason Earles: Hey everybody, Jason Earles here from "Hannah Montana" and I wanna give you my green tip of the day. Uh, the biggest tip I can give you is take shorter showers. A lot of people just sorta stand in there and let the water run, and if you could take a five-minute shower instead of a 10-minute shower, you will save hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of gallons. So, do your part, take short showers.

Barry Bostwick: Hello, my name is Barry Bostwick and my green tip of the day is ... don't use plastic. That's it, just don't use plastic!

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Ecollywood: Liam Hemsworth, Jason Earles and Barry Bostwick
Miley's entourage: 'Hannah Montana' and 'The Last Song' actors weigh in on green.