They may not have all of the logistics down pat (no, Reid Scott, you can not recycle paper towels and tissues), but celebrities seem to understand the importance of one green practice: recycling. (Gerri Miller)


Daniel Baldwin: I'm Daniel Baldwin.

Joe Mantegna: This is Joe Mantegna.

Edwin Hodge: Hey, my name is Edwin Hodge.

Elizabeth Mitchell: I'm Elizabeth Mitchell.

Johann Urb: Hi, I'm Johann Urb.

Peter Scolari: Hi, I'm Peter Scolari.

Reid Scott: Hi, I'm Reid Scott.

Jon Lovitz: I'm Jon Lovitz.

Garcelle Beauvais: This is Garcelle Beauvais.

Shenae Grimes: Hi, I'm Shenae Grimes.

Michael O'Keefe: Hey, I'm Michael O'Keefe.

Peter Weller: I'm Peter Weller.

Tony Denison: Hi, this is Tony Denison.

Rutina Wesley: Rutina Wesley.

Kevin Dillon: Hi, I'm Kevin Dillon.

Mr. T: I'm Mr. T and you're watchin' the Mother Nature Network. Alright.

Daniel Baldwin: I'm Daniel Baldwin and my green tip is recycle, recycle, recycle.

Joe Mantegna: This is Joe Mantegna. Don't be a litterbug. If I see you throwing something out a car window, I'm gonna stop ya.

Edwin Hodge: Hey, my name is Edwin Hodge and my green tip of the day is to simply recycle.

Elizabeth Mitchell: I'm Elizabeth Mitchell and my green tip is, as always, just to recycle. It's the easiest thing you can do and you might as well just do it. That sounds kinda preachy, but it's true! It's so easy!

Johann Urb: Hi, this is Johann Urb from "2012" and my green tip of the day is to remember to always recycle.

Peter Scolari: Yes hi, hi there, I'm Peter Scolari and my green tip is that when you recycle, have the courage to separate. And bind cardboard, get your newspaper all together and get it in a rubber band so that it doesn't all just fly away and become detritus. I don't know what the word means, I just wanted to use it in a sentence. (and clean the glass, get the labels off if you can. leave them in the sink over night.)

Reid Scott: Hi, I'm Reid Scott from "My Boys" and my green tip of the day is ... in the recycling era, you can recycle so much. Recycle your wire hangers, your toilet paper rolls, your paper towels, your tissues, your napkins ... all of that can be recycled. You'd be surprised.

Jon Lovitz: Jon Lovitz from the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in Universal City,  and my green tip of the day is use those blue trash cans the city gives ya. Try to fill 'em. It's a challenge. That's my tip.

Garcelle Beauvais: Hi, I'm Garcelle Beauvais and my green tip is to recycle. To pick up trash even if it's not yours. You know, just to keep our earth beautiful.

Shenae Grimes: Hi, I'm Shenae Grimes and my green tip is: uh, recycle. It's pretty much the easiest tip there is out there, but everyone should do it. Uh, separate the two, it's really simple, I promise.

Michael O'Keefe: Hi, I'm Michael O'Keefe. Here's my green tip: only date girls that recycle, 'cause the rest are losers.

Peter Weller: I'm Peter Weller and you don't have to save the world with green, you can just save what's right in front of you. Don't litter, and recycle. Then you can write your Congressman about the big issues. But don't litter, and recycle.

Tony Denison: Hi, my name is Tony Denison and my green tip of the day is make sure you recycle.

Rutina Wesley: ...Rutina Wesley and my green tip is always recycle. It's not that easy—I mean it's not that hard. Just throw it in the bin.

Mr. T: I'm Mr. T and my green tip is recycle. You know ... plastics, and the cardboards, and the stuff like that. Start with that, you know, and just clean up around your neighborhood. That's a start, you know.

Kevin Dillon: Hi, I'm Kevin Dillon and my green tip of the day is to recycle everything. Separate those things.

Daniel Baldwin: Recycle, recycle, recycle.

Edwin Hodge: Recycle.

Elizabeth Mitchell: Recycle.

Johann Urb: Recycle.

Peter Scolari: Recycle.

Reid Scott: Recycle.

Garcelle Beauvais: Recycle.

Shenae Grimes: Uh, recycle.

Michael O'Keefe: Recycle.

Peter Weller: Recycle.

Tony Denison: Recycle.

(kevin rahm)

Rutina Wesley: Always recycle.

Mr. T: Recycle.

Kevin Dillon: Recycle everything.

MNN homepage photos of Joe Mantegna, Edwin Hodge and Elizabeth Mitchell by  Getty and ZUMA Press


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