Check out this Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs edition of Ecollywood featuring Ray Romano and Queen Latifah. (Gerri Miller)



Ray Romano: Hi, I'm Ray Romano from Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 3D, and my green tip is ... here's what I do: I recycle, of course, I drive a hybrid and now I drink a lot of water. A lot of bottled water. So now I've gotten one of these professional thermoses, and I get a big jug of water, and I pour my water in that, and I just keep refilling it so as not to have to go through plastic bottles, which is not good ... for Mother Nature.

Queen Latifah: Hey, I'm Queen Latifah from Ice Age 3, and my green tip is to recycle. Create a different bin for your plastics and your cans than you do from your regular trash. And you can recycle your plastics, your cans and your papers. Separate all that stuff and guess what? You can even get some money for it if you want to. Haha! So you can make money off of what you've already spent. Get some of that back by recycling.

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Ecollywood: Ray Romano and Queen Latifah
Video: Check out this Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs edition of Ecollywood.