Get your eco-tips from Regina King and Tyler Labine. (Gerri Miller)


Regina King: Hi, I'm Regina King from Southland, and my green tip is to go with the clean diesel. The clean burning diesel fuel engines because with a lot of people, the Prius is not quite big enough if you have kids, a dog, you're transporting the boys to football practice, all of that. The Prius doesn't really work for that. But if you're a football mom, tennis mom like me, the Audi TDI is awesome. You feel like you're doing something better for the environment, and you can fit all the boys and the dog. So clean diesel. That's my tip.
Tyler Labine: Hi, I'm Tyler Labine, and my green tip is for you: Compost. Compost everything you possibly can.

MNN homepage photo: ZUMA Press