Musicians Sheryl Crow, Brendan Hines and Alan Ritchson share their best green tips with MNN. (Gerri Miller)


Sheryl Crow: Hi, I'm Sheryl Crow.

Alan Ritchson: My name is Alan Ritchson.

Brendan Hines: Hi, I'm Brendan Hines, you're watching the Mother Nature Network.

Sheryl Crow: Hey everybody, I'm Sheryl Crow and there's so much you can do. You don't have to do everything, but try to do something. Don't run your dishwasher unless it's full, is one thing. You don't need to dry all of your clothes. It's good not to run your dryer all the time so if there are things you don't have to dry, that's great. And conservation across the board. Don't be wasteful. Use and reuse and reuse and reuse.

Alan Ritchson: Hi, my name is Alan Ritchson and my green tip of the day is picking up a little trash on your hikes.

Brendan Hines: Uh hi, I'm Brendan Hines and I recently stopped eating meat. That's a fact. Soon, eventually, I will maybe consider phasing out the fish, but right now it's the only thing giving me protein. But, it's really good for everyone in the long run.

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Ecollywood: Sheryl Crow, Brendan Hines and Alan Ritchson
Musician and environmentalist Sheryl Crow gives several great and easy ideas in greening your daily life.