Winning! ... because they're no long working with him. Charlie Sheen's castmates from over the years chime in with green tips.

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Angus T. Jones: Hi, I'm Angus T. Jones.

Dennis Haysbert: Hi, I'm Dennis Haysbert.

Lea Thompson: Hi, I'm Lea Thompson.

Angie Harmon: Hi, I'm Angie Harmon.

Peter Gallagher: I'm Peter Gallagher.

Kunal Nayyar: I'm Kunal Nayyar and you're watching the Mother Nature Network.

Angus T. Jones: Hi, I'm Angus T. Jones and my green tip of the day is to start a compost bin for your garden. Grow food.

Dennis Haysbert: Hi, I'm Dennis Haysbert and my green tip today is to go solar on your home. And then change your light bulbs.

Lea Thompson: Hi, I'm Lea Thompson. My green of the day is, you know what? Shop at thrift shops, that helps. And drive Priis, and carpool, because it's more fun to be with someone else. And walk when you can.

Angie Harmon: Hi, I'm Angie Harmon and my green tip of the day is ride your bicycle!

Peter Gallagher: Here's my green tip of the day: use less. And if you can't use less, use it again.

Kunal Nayyar: Hi, my name is Kunal, my green tip of the day is don't pee when you flush. Don't flush when you pee.